Elgi launches oil free compressors in US market

Elgi Equipments Ltd has launched oil free compressors in the US market. Oil-free compressors produce oil-free air as it has no oil in the compression chamber. The market for such compressors, though small relative to the lubricated screw compressor segment, is growing in prominence owing to environmental and clean air considerations. Some industries like food and beverage, pharmaceuticals need sterile environment in the factory and is in need of such oil free compressors. Besides, oil free compressors are efficient, less in weight, less expensive and the only negative is that they are noisy and their life is less when compared to oiled compressors.

The market for oil free compressors is estimated at USD 11.2 billion and it expects to reach 15.2 billion USD by end of 2025.

Company Profile : Elgi Equipments Ltd

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